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New choice for Green Buildings - Topbest BIPV Solar Waterproof Structure

Aug 16, 2022

Topbest BIPV Solar Waterproof Structure for Industarial rooftop

BIPV solar waterproof structure

Recently, the 2.6MW metal roof photovoltaic power station in Quanzhou, Fujian province was officially connected to the grid for power generation and put into use. The project uses Topbest energy waterproof solar racking, which can assist quanzhou energy transformation, and further promote the city's energy conservation and emission reduction, green development.

BIPV Mounting bracket for industrial rooftop

With its strong technical ability, high quality product and excellent service level, the installed capacity of Topbest energy BAPV waterproof solar racking system has successfully exceeded 200MW. It has won a high reputation among our customers now.

In the preliminary research work of this project, the customer reported that the roof was damaged and leaking, and requested that the roof be repaired and the photovoltaic support system must be 100% waterproof.
BAPV Solar waterproof bracket
the project has higher requirements for the structure, construction and technique of the bracket. Combined with local environment and customer needs, our Technical Team recommends that customers use BIPV solar waterproof brackets. With its excellent waterproof performance, corrosion resistance and strong stability, it can meet the entire project perfectly.

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