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  • 1MWP BIPV Waterproof Solar Carport complete  installation
    Jun 06, 2022

    1MWP BIPV Waterproof Solar Carport complete  installation Location:HUIZHOU,CHINA Project Time:2022.JUNE Total Capacity:1MW Solution:BIPV Solar Carport structure Material:Hot dip galvanizing steel & ZN-MG-AL

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  • New choice for Green Buildings - Topbest BIPV Solar Waterproof Structure
    Aug 16, 2022

    Topbest BIPV Solar Waterproof Structure for Industarial rooftop Recently, the 2.6MW metal roof photovoltaic power station in Quanzhou, Fujian province was officially connected to the grid for power generation and put into use. The project uses Topbest energy waterproof solar racking, which can assist quanzhou energy transformation, and further promote the city's energy conservation and emission reduction, green development. With its strong technical ability, high quality product and excellent service level, the installed capacity of Topbest energy BAPV waterproof solar racking system has successfully exceeded 200MW. It has won a high reputation among our customers now. In the preliminary research work of this project, the customer reported that the roof was damaged and leaking, and requested that the roof be repaired and the photovoltaic support system must be 100% waterproof. the project has higher requirements for the structure, construction and technique of the bracket. Combined with local environment and customer needs, our Technical Team recommends that customers use BIPV solar waterproof brackets. With its excellent waterproof performance, corrosion resistance and strong stability, it can meet the entire project perfectly.

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  • 300KW Ballasted Flat Rooftop Solar system
    Feb 25, 2022

    300KW Ballasted Flat Rooftop Solar system was installed in Malaysia on Jan.22 if you are interested in our solar systems,welcome to contact with us:

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  • Top best Energy 10th Anniversary
    Jan 10, 2022

    Blessings from Topbest Energy customers and friends are gratefully received. Mr.Ye Fujian, president of Topbest Energy, extends his warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to all the guests who arrive to attend the ceremony. He says: "Today marks another historical day for Topbest Energy. In the future, we will firmly seize development opportunities, give full play to the own advantages of top bestEnergy, provide better and more efficient services to our customers, and contribute to the development of new energy. In the meantime, we also look forward to continuingwalking hand in hand with everyone and make achievement together." The new Hebei steel factory is covers an area of 20000m2, It is expected that the production capacity of hot-dip galanvanised solar mounting structure will exceed 3GW, that of Zn-Mg- Al solar mounting structure will surpass 1GW, and that of aluminium solar mounting structure will be above 1GW. In the future, Top best Energy will empower global PV market with more effective and efficient products.

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    Jun 15, 2021

    SNEC 2021 was held in Shanghai from June 3-5, and came to an end on June 5. This time there are brought together many elites and brought together Le global cutting-edge PV companies. BIPV mounting structure for rooftop and carport At the exhibition, TOP BEST ENERGY's creative BIPV Carport + BIPV mounting structure for rooftop attracted the interest of many guests as soon as it was exhibited. It is understood that this BIPV curtain wall is a new product of SF-BIPV series. It not only has wide applicability and simple installation structure, but also supports diversified customization, combining environmental protection power generation and fashionable aesthetics perfectly. waterproof structure for rooftop solar mounting exhibition SNEC EXHIBITION  As a pv company with a high sense of social responsibility, TOP BEST ENERGY implements the new national energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation". Insisting on the corporate motto of "New Energy, New World",WE will help achieve the goals of "2030 Emission Peak" and "2060 Carbon Neutrality".

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  •  rooftop solar power systems among Czech Republic
    Jan 27, 2022

    On the backdrop of rapidly growing energy prices, businesses have registered growing interest in rooftop solar power systems among Czechs. With higher energy costs and a generous government grant programme, the return on investment into these systems currently ranges around eight years or less for most households. The Czech Republic’s main energy provider, ČEZ, has announced that it installed 2,5 times more photovoltaic panels last year than in 2020. Meanwhile, the sales of batteries and heat pumps doubled during the same period. According to the Czech Solar Association, the dominant type of solar production in the Czech Republic is currently via small rooftop solar panels. The main growth in household photovoltaic energy installation was registered in the second half of last year, when energy prices started rising rapidly, the association states. Martin Sedlák, the programme director of the pro-green NGO Modern Energy Union, told Czech Radio Plus that Czechs are most interested in purchasing solar panels together with batteries, in order to maximize their photovoltaic system's potential. “The most typical system costs around CZK 500,000, but you can also find cheaper systems that sell at around CZK 430,000. The [government’s funding programme] New Green Savings (Nová Zelená úsporám) covers around 50 percent of that investment. “Twelve years ago, combining photovoltaics with a battery had a rate of return of about 12 years. With today’s prices, the return on investment in closer to eight years and can be even shorter if there is a lot of electricity usage. However, this is of course dependent on the individual consumption of each household.” Another option is to purchase a solar-assisted heat pump, which uses the sun’s energy to heat water. According to Pavel Hrzina from the Czech Technical University’s Department of Electrotechnology, this is the most cost efficient use of photovoltaics overall. “You put your module on top of the roof and connect it with a simple regulator directly with the boiler. Such a system costs you just a few dozen thousand crowns, which is nothing considering the cost of building materials today. It provides the family with hot water for roughly 10 months a year.” He told Czech Radio that the increasingly cheaper cost of recycling solar panels has also helped make photovoltaic energy more attractive in recent years. Such panels currently degrade at a rate of roughly 0.25 percent per year. While at the moment recycling batteries is far harder, the scientist believes that this issue could also be solved in the next few years. “Batteries have a more complicated chemical composition and there are not many that need recycling right now. We will have to wait until there are actually batteries that need to be recycled. However, some companies are already asking about how to do it.” According to energy research, solar has the potential to cover close to 27 percent of the Czech Republic’s total energy consumption, roughly half of...

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