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  Intellectual Property

  The content of this website has been protected by the applicable laws and regulations of China Government or other governments, including but not limit to copy rights, clause, trademark act, patent law and other laws related to patent rights. The intellectual property of this website content (including but not limit to data, word, icon, picture, audio or video) belongs to Topbest Energy or Relevant Parties. Without any written permission, duplication, spread, publishing, reprinting, revision or exhibiting any content of this website will be not allowed. At the same time, no one can create a tof in a server that do not belong to Topbest Energy. the permission for visiting this website will not allow you use Topbest  Energy intellectual property or other third party intellectual property. 


  Topbest Energy will do our best to offer safe, exact, complete information on this website, and some information on this website may be wrong or out of style. The material and service on this website are all original, Topbest Energy do not implicitly or explicitly guarantee the accuracy and integrity of material and service in law or statement. Under the maximum extend by law, Topbest Energy do not make any implicit or explicit commitment for the content, document, product and service, including but not limited to the satisfaction, marketability, special use ability, non-infringement commitment. Topbest Energy will not be responsible for any damage or cost caused by using the information and performance, including but not limited to the damage from depending on the accuracy and promptness of any information, visiting or duplicating the information on the website. 

  Limits of liability Clause

  With regard to this website or links to this website, any profit damage and any directly damage, indirectly damage, special or incidental damage, and cost caused by use, any performance fault, operating and transmission fault including missing, pausing, loophole, delay, computer virus, circuit fault, system fault etc., Topbest Energy will not bear any responsibility even though Topbest Energy has been informed above damage, cost before happening.

  Links to other websites

  This website includes links from the third parties. Topbest Energy will not offer any guarantee to the accuracy and completeness of these links, which is only used to offer convenience to visitor. Any damage and cost caused by the third parties offering our website links, Topbest Energy will not bear any responsibility. Topbest Energy has not yet confirmed the information from the third party. Any damage or cost caused by the information, material, products, or service offered by the third party, Topbest energy will not Bear any responsibility.

  Applicable Laws

  Through visiting this website, you agree that the law of The People’s Republic of China is applicable to all the items on this website except for the clauses against the law. All the lawsuit relevant to this website will be submitted to the court of Jimei District, Xiamen City, Fujian, China for settling. 
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